Power of Change Event - Emblems & Titles Cannot Be Transferred

Senior GM Bahlaan -

We are aware that exchanging your Power of Change orbs for the event title and emblem(s) cannot be transferred through shared storage and/or mailed to another character. This is a text error found after the update was released which could not be fixed in time.

So we can properly assist you, we ask for you to please provide the information given below in a new ticket and label your ticket "Power of Change Exchange":

Name of item to be transferred:
Character with item:
Desired character to receive item:
Date item was redeemed:

Remember that this can only be sent to another character within the same account. We will not send this to a character on a different account at any time. We'll make sure to assist you as soon as possible and do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you! Thanks!

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