Can I change my character name?

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Yes! You can purchase a Name Change Coupon from the Supply Depot for 17,900 NX in order to change the name of your character. The name has to be available for use, not restricted, and follows the general character name rules. Once the name change is applied, the previous name will be restricted for 31 days.



If you are deleting a character in order to free up a name that you would like to use, you will have to contact Nexon Player Support to assist you in freeing up your deleted characters name.

Please make sure that the character has been deleted first, which takes about 24 hours. It would also help us greatly if you could include in the title, "Name Release", and include a screenshot of your main character selection screen so we can see that the character is no longer available. Once deleted in order for the name to be released, the character cannot be recovered.


How to use the Name Change Coupon:

1. Right click on the coupon from your Avatar Inventory after purchasing from the Supply Depot.


2. A box will pop up asking if you'd like to go to the Character Selection window. Click "yes".


3. Enter the new name you wish to use in the Name Change Coupon window. Click "ok", and confirm.



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