What is the Marketplace?

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What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a board located in Colhen, Malina, and Rocheste where players are able to buy and sell items and equipment from other players.

How to sell an Item on the Marketplace.

  • To sell an item on the Marketplace, simply walk up to the Marketplace in any town. Click on the “Item Listing” Tab which will allow you to sell items, one at a time.
  • To view the items you are selling on the Marketplace, click on the “Your Items” tab to see all the items you are selling currently on the Marketplace.
  • Equipment such as Weapons and Armor can be sold on the marketplace as long as they are not character bound.
  • Only certain Cash Shop items can be put up on the Marketplace.
  • Cash shop items that are “Airtight” can be put up for purchase on the Marketplace.
  • Avatar and Clodagh Dye Ampoules can be put up for sale on the Marketplace

How to Buy Items on the Marketplace.

To buy an item from the Marketplace. Click on the “Trade” tab.

  • The Category list can be used to search for items. Click on the “+” Symbol to expand a category and click on what you would like to search for. Then click the “Search” button at the top for listings to appear.
  • The Search bar can also be used to search by Keywords to quickly narrow down searches.
  • After purchasing from the Marketplace the item will be transferred to your inventory. If your inventory is full, the item bought will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Materials bought from the market place cannot be traded to other players.
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