How do I reset my secondary password?

GM Drataso -

You can reset the secondary password thru the website by following the steps below. Having trouble resetting the password on the website? Please submit a ticket (click the Submit a Request button at the top) and we'll investigate further.


1. Go to


2. Log into your Nexon account.


3. Click the Explore icon on the top-left.


4. Scroll to the 2nd Password Reset.


5. Click the Send Reset Email button under the Reset 2nd Password/PIC section.



6. You will be prompted with a pop-up box confirming the reset email.


7. Check the email address for the password reset email.


8. Click the Reset button in the email. You will be prompt with pop-up box to confirm that the secondary password has been reset.


9. You will be prompt to create a new secondary password at the next log-in.


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