How do I restore an item that has been destroyed from enchantment?

GM Jentemoon -

A weapon that has been destroyed can usually be restored with AP by visiting the Strange Traveler and accessing the AP Shop. Here you will be able to purchase back your weapon with AP. 

Please know that the AP shop can only be accessed by characters that have reached level 90. If you have destroyed your weapon, but you are under level 90, you will have to wait till your character reaches level 90 in order for the AP shop to be accessible in order to purchase the weapon back with AP. ( this change to the AP Shop was implemented with the Abyssal Arena Update ) 

If a weapon has been "Permanently Destroyed" this means that the weapon is unable to be revived by any means including with AP.

Note: The destroyed item can only be purchased back once and when purchased, it will be forever bound to the character.

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