How to create a DxDiag Report in Windows 7

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Sometimes when troubleshooting an issue it may be necessary to view your system information to help determine the cause and we may ask you to submit a Dxdiag report.

A Dxdiag report is the result of the execution of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag.exe). These results are very helpful in troubleshooting technical concerns with a computer.

Here are the steps to create a DxDiag Report.

In Windows 7:

Step1: Click on the "Start" Button.

Step 2: In the Search Box type dxdiag and press <Enter>.

Here is an example of what the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will look like.

Step 3: Click on “Save all Information.”

Step 4: Save the information to your Desktop, keep the file name as is.

Step 5: Attach the file to the Support Ticket.

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