Newly Created Nexon Steam Account Requires Password for Vindictus

GM Jentemoon -

If you have created a new Nexon account via Steam on or after December 11, 2015 and you are prompted to enter your Password to play Vindictus, follow these directions* to play the game:

1. Go to and click on the "?" next to "Password" to reset your password. NOTE: Although it was not required to create a password at the time you opened a new Nexon Steam account, you will need one to play Vindictus.

2. This window will appear:


3. Enter the email address you used to create your Nexon Steam account and click "Reset my password." A verification email will be sent to you.

4. Open the verification email you received and click on the reset my password link.

5. Enter a new password on the first line and confirm it on the second line:

6. Click "Update Password."

7. Return to Steam or Nexon to play Vindictus. When you are prompted to enter a password, use the one you just created.


 * The above instructions will also apply if you created a new Nexon Steam account and wanted to access our game forums, purchase NX or access Nexon Player Support help centers at


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